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Chaplain Program

Lemoore Police Chaplancy

To provide a ministry of presence, support, and counsel to the law enforcement personnel of the Lemoore Police Department, as well as the unfortunate victims of crime.
No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than today's law enforcement officer. These burdens also affect the officer's family and other members of his or her department. Our trained and certified Chaplains understand the unique environment of Law enforcement and can provide specialized guidance, counseling and assistance when called upon. The Chaplaincy Program is dedicated to serving the law enforcement personnel of the Lemoore Police Department, their families, agency personnel, as well as the unfortunate victims of crime.


Upholding those who uphold the law.
Integrity... Confidentiality... Quality
"In all things we commend ourselves as ministers of God: in much patience, in tribulations, in needs, in distresses..."
Second Corinthians 6:4

What Chaplains Do

*Chaplains respond to calls 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, city wide

*Chaplains perform important follow-up after the Peace Officer has stabilized a situation

*Chaplains aid victims of crime and their families

*Chaplains coordinate a variety of agencies and churches to bring needed help in times of crisis

*Chaplains are available to counsel with law enforcement personnel

*Chaplains work with law enforcement families

*Chaplains show caring concern to all those who are in need
Types of Calls

*The death of a person

*Suicide & suicide prevention

*Rape & other violent sexual assault

*Accidents with severe injuries or death

*Homicide & violent assaults


*Child abuse

*Family disturbances

*Other incidents upon the request of a law enforcement officer
Typical Duties

*Delivery of death messages

*Family crisis management

*Assistance to victims and witnesses who have been traumatized

*Natural disaster assistance

*Respond to suicide attempts

*Work to ease racial tension and to manage neighborhood problems

*Accidents (vehicular and other types)

*Sex crimes incidents

*Public assistance; transportation needs

Chaplaincy Resources

Peace Officer
Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers
PC CHAP Manual
International Fellowship of Chaplains
International Conference of Police Chaplains
Critical Incident Stress Foundation
Concerns of Police Survivors