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City Manager

The City Manager is charged with coordinating and directing the administration of the City within the framework of policy established by the City Council.

The City Manager is responsible for directing the administration of departments and divisions, preparing and submitting the Annual Budget, maintaining communication and good relations with the general public, advising the Council on the City's financial condition, and recommending to the Council measures or actions considered necessary for the welfare of the City and efficient operation of government.

The City Manager also directs development and implementation of the Cityís General Plan and Utility Plans, strategic financial policy, personnel administration, and intergovernmental coordination/liaison activities. Additionally, the City Manager's Office provides clerical and staff assistance to the City Council.

The City Managerís Department oversees the majority of the work involved in the dissolution of the Former Redevelopment Agency providing support to the Successor Agency, the Oversight Board, and the Lemoore Housing Authority.

Concerns or questions about City policies, procedures or issues can be addressed by the City Manager at (559) 924-6700.

City Administrators

       2015 - Present Andrea Welsh
       2013 - 2015 Jeff Laws
       2004 - 2013 Jeff Briltz
       1997 - 2004 Steven L. Froberg
       1986 - 1997 Allen L. Goodman
       1976 - 1985 William Drennen
       1970 - 1975 Dale A. Cowan
       1967 - 1969 M.D. Hansen
       1962 - 1966 Burton M. Lowe
       1960 - 1961 Karl Roos
       Additional information as received.

City Clerk

Public Record Request Form - pdf document

Event Ticket and Pass Distribution Policy - Web

SB 272 - Web

The City Clerk is the custodian of all official City records including ordinances, resolutions, contracts and agreements, and is charged with keeping the Minutes of the City Council Meetings, certifying and publishing Council actions, coordinating Economic Interest and Political Reform Act filings, and conducting municipal elections. The City Clerk is responsible for preparing the Agendas for each City Council meeting. Individuals wishing to submit items for the council agenda must do so by the Wednesday prior to the council meeting in which they would like the issue addressed.


City Manager
Andrea Welsh
City Clerk
Mary J. Venegas

They can be reached by calling
(559) 924-6700, or by mail
City Hall
119 Fox Street
Lemoore, California 93245