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Public Works Roundtable

  • The Lemoore Public Works office will be holding a Community Round Table meeting open to residents who are eager and willing to give their feedback on the services Public Works provides. Come join the discussion on December 1, 2016 at 711 W. Cinnamon in the CMC conference room at 6:00 p.m. Spots will be limited to the first 20 residents who sign up via email to Read Notice HERE

The City of Lemoore Public Works Building Department provides service in the following areas:

Public Works

(559) 924-6735

Public Buildings Maintenance

(559) 924-6739

Street Maintenance

(559) 924-6739

Lighting/Landscape Maintenance

(559) 924-6744

Refuse/Water Setup Service

(559) 924-6715

Refuse Service

(559) 924-6744

Water Service

(559) 924-6744

Sewer/Storm Drain Service

(559) 924-6744

Vehicle Maintenance

(559) 924-6739

Utility Billing Questions

(559) 924-6715


Streetlights that are not functioning can be reported to (559) 924-6739. Please provide light pole number along with location.


Sand bags are available at the corner of Fox and F Street by the railroad tracks to be filled by residents as needed.

Please report any illegal dumping into storm drain inlets
by calling 559-924-6744.

Slow the Flow: How to make your landscape act more like a sponge
This is a link to a video to help homeowners understand the impacts of landscaping to storm water runoff.

Video - Keeping California Water Clean

City of Lemoore - SWMP August 2008
City of Lemoore 2008-2009 SWMP Annual Report