Brie Jackson
Management Analyst
(559) 924-6744 ext 702

The City of Lemoore’s Risk Management provides a comprehensive range of risk management and administrative services to City Departments and the general public. This division is responsible for the administration of risk, insurance, safety, liability and benefits management programs, in addition to providing resources and guidance to the organization, staff members, and the general public with regard to such programs. 

The City’s Risk Management Program has the following objective:

  • Preservation of the City’s assests and public service capabilities from loss, destruction and depletion.
  • Systematized internal procedures for identifying and constantly reassessing the fluctuating exposures to risk and implementing courses of action to minimize or eliminate that risk. 
  • The establishment, to the extent possible, of an exposure-free work and service environment in which the City personnel and members of the public can enjoy safety and security in the course of their daily pursuits. 
  • Protection against the financial consequences of catastrophic loss through avoidance, risk transfer and/or purchased insurance.

Any person has the right to file a claim against the City for damages to persons or personal property allegedly sustained. However, Government Code Section 945.4 states that no suit for money or damages may be brought against a public entity on a cause of action for which a claim is required to be presented in accordance with Government Code Sections 900, et seq., until a written claim has been presented to and acted upon by the governing body, or has been deemed to have been rejected.

Claims must be filed within six months of the occurrence. The City will review, and where appropriate, take action on the claim.

The City of Lemoore has a standard claim form that can be used for your convenience. Claim forms can be downloaded or a hard copy can be requested from the Human Resources Office. You will need to fill out the claim form as completely as possible. Missing information may delay the processing of your claim.

Claims received by Human Resources are processed by the City’s Claims Administrator. You will be sent a letter notifying you of the action taken and of any further action necessary or available to you.

All claims are Public Record.

If you have any questions regarding the form or the process, please contact the HR/Risk Management Manager at (559) 924-6744 ext 707.


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