Lemoore Oversight Board Meeting

The Lemoore Oversight Board meetings are held in the Council Chambers at 429 “C” Street on the 4th Thursday of each month at 9 a.m.. All meeting are open to the public, and those who wish to be heard on matters on the agenda should indicate their desire to speak when the item is ready for discussion. If you wish to comment on an item which is not on the agenda, you may do so under “Public Comments”.

Audio files are available for meetings with the  icon next to the meeting dates. Clicking on the icon “next to the date” will redirected your browser to a location where the meeting audio is stored. You may choose to listen to the audio file directly from the website or download the file to your computer.

February 2018
22 February – CX

March 2018
22 March – CX

April 2018
26 April – CX

May 2018
16 May [S] – 
24 May – CX

June 2018
28 June – 

July 2018
26 July

August 2018
23 August

September 2018
27 September

October 2018
25 October

November 2018
22 November

December 2018
27 December

February 2017
23 February – CX

March 2017
23 March – CX

April 2017
27 April – CX

September 2017
28 September – CX

October 2017
26 October – CX

November 2017
23 November – CX

December 2017
28 December – CX

January 2016
28 January – 

February 2016
25 February – CX

March 2016
24 March – CX

April 2016
28 April – CX

May 2016
26 May – CX

June 2016
23 June

August 2016
25 August – CX

September 2016
22 September – CX

October 2016
27 October – CX

November 2016
24 November – CX

December 2016
22 December – CX

January 2015
22 January – CX

February 2015
26 February – 

March 2015
26 March – CX

April 2015
23 April – CX

May 2015
28 May – CX

June 2015
25 June – CX

July 2015
23 July – CX

August 2015
27 August – CX

September 2015
24 September – 

October 2015
22 October – CX

December 2015
24 December – CX

January 2014
23 January – 

February 2014
10 Day Notice
25 February [S] – 
27 February – CX

March 2014
27 March – CX

April 2014
24 April – CX

May 2014
22 May – CX

June 2014
26 June – CX

July 2014
24 July – CX

August 2014
10 Day Notice
28 August – 

September 2014
10 Day Notice
24 September – [S] – 
25 September – CX

October 2014
23 October – CX

November 2014
27 November – CX

December 2014
25 December – CX

California Health and Safety Code SEC. 22. Section 34181

34181. The oversight board shall direct the successor agency to do all of the following:

(a) Dispose of all assets and properties of the former redevelopmentagency; provided, however, that the oversight board may instead direct the successor agency to transfer ownership of those assets that were constructed and used for a governmental purpose, such as roads, school buildings, parks, police and fire stations, libraries, and local agency administrative buildings, to the appropriate public jurisdiction pursuant to any existing agreements relating to the construction or use of such an asset. Any compensation to be provided to the successor agency for the transfer of the asset shall be governed by the agreements relating to the construction or use of that asset. Disposal shall be done expeditiously and in a manner aimed at maximizing value. Asset disposition may be accomplished by a distribution of income to taxing entities proportionate to their property tax share from one or more properties that may be transferred to a public or private agency for management pursuant to the direct of the oversight board.

(b) Cease performance in connection with and terminate all existing agreements that do not qualify as enforceable obligations.

(c) Transfer housing assets pursuant to Section 34176.

(d) Terminate any agreement, between the dissolved redevelopment agency and any public entity located in the same county, obligating the redevelopment agency to provide funding for any debt service obligations of the public entity or for the construction, or operation of facilities owned or operated by such public entity, in any instance where the oversight board has found that early termination would be in the best interests of the taxing entities.

(e) Determine whether any contracts, agreements, or other arrangements between the dissolved redevelopment agency and any private parties should be terminated or renegotiated to reduce liabilities and increase net revenues to the taxing entities, and present proposed termination or amendment agreements to the oversight board for its approval. The board may approve any amendments to or early termination of those agreements if it finds that amendments or early termination would be in the best interests of the taxing entities.

(f) All actions taken pursuant to subdivisions (a) and (c) shall be approved by resolution of the oversight board at a public meeting after at least 10 days’ notice to the public of the specific proposed actions. The actions shall be subject to review by the Department of Finance pursuant to Section 34179 except that the department may extend its review period by up to 60 days. If the department does not object to an action subject to this section, and if no action challenging an action is commenced within 60 days of the approval of the action by the oversight board, the action of the oversight board shall be considered final and can be relied upon as conclusive by any person. If an action is brought to challenge an action involving title to or an interest in real property, a notice of pendency of action shall be recorded by the claimant as provided in Title 4.5 (commencing with Section 405) of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure within a 60-day period.

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