The City Clerk is responsible for administering the city’s elections and in this role coordinates and advises public officials, candidates for office, and the public on election matters, campaign disclosures and voter registration. The City consolidates its elections with the County of Kings. As the City’s liaison to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the City Clerk is the filing officer for election campaign reports and statements of economic interest (conflict of interest) for designated employees and certain appointed officials. The City of Lemoore consolidates its elections services with Kings County Registrar of Voters who prepares and furnishes to the City all materials, equipment, and services.

The following seats will be up for election:

  • Vacant, District B.  (4 year term – December 2020 through December 2024)
  • Christopher Schalde, District C. (2 year term – December 2020 through December 2022)
  • Edward Neal, District D. (4 year term – December 2020 through December 2024)
  • John Plourde, District E. (4 year term – December 2020 through December 2024)

Qualified Candidates

District C

District D

  • David Orth
    (No Candidate Statement submitted)

District E

  • Guadalupe Capozzi
    (No Candidate Statement submitted) 
  • Gwendolyn Landrus
  • Patricia Matthews
    (No Candidate Statement submitted) 


On March 20, 2018, The City of Lemoore adopted Ordinance NO. 2018-01 changing the system for electing members of the City Council from an at-large system to an election by district. City Council Members are elected on a by-district basis from five single-member Council districts by voters residing in the district (PDF) in which the Council Member resides and hold four-year terms.

Interactive Map to locate your district.

The Nomination Period opens  July 13, 2020, and closes August 7, 2020, at 4:30 p.m.

In the event that one or more the incumbents whose terns are due to expire in 2020 do not file nomination papers by the August 7, 2020 deadline, the nomination period for that particular office will be extended to August 12, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. for all citizens except those incumbents that did not file nominations papers for re-election.


Every candidate shall:

  • Be a U.S. citizen. (Cal. Const., art. IV, § 2(c)1)
  • Be a registered voter and otherwise qualified to vote for that office at the time nomination papers are issued to the (Elections Code §201)
  • Not have been convicted of a felony involving accepting or giving, or offering to give, any bribe, the embezzlement of public money, extortion or theft of public money, perjury, or conspiracy to commit any of those (Elections Code §20)


  • The City has also developed a handbook for candidates to use as a general resource guide to assist in facilitating the election process (linked below).
    Candidate Guide