The City of Lemoore provides refuse, recyclable and greenwaste collection services.

Green waste and recycling containers are picked up on alternating weeks. Black refuse containers are picked up weekly. Please see the refuse pick-up schedule. Dependent upon your address, your pick-up day will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  If there is a holiday on Monday, containers will be picked up 1 day behind normal schedule.  Refuse cans missed must be reported by 9:00 am the following day for courtesy pickup. Each residence is eligible for a courtesy pickup once annually free of charge.  Any extra pickups thereafter will incur a fee. Click here for the 2024 Refuse Pick-Up Schedule.

Note:  We no longer recycle oil, any kind batteries and any kind bulbs. The oil can be recycled at a local auto parts store.

The BLACK refuse container is for refuse, such as household trash, food waste, rock, concrete, animal waste, etc. City of Lemoore Resolution #9912 establishes fees for violating the City’s Recycling Program. The 1st violation will result in a warning and all subsequent violations will result in a $35.00 fee added to your utility bill.

The GREEN greenwaste container can have grass clippings, weeds, leaves, small branches, palm fronds, wood (without nails, glue, or paint), plant materal and saw dust. Only loose greenwaste (no bags) will be allowed in the greenwaste container. Additionally, NO GREENWASTE can be disposed of in the black refuse container. Disposing of greenwaste improperly, or contaminating the greenwaste by placing refuse in the greenwaste container will result in a violation of the waste separation policy and potential additional handling fees.

The BLUE recycling container can have any recyclable, such as empty plastic containers, glass, aluminum, newspaper, and cardboard. Contaminating the recyclables by placing refuse in the blue recycling container will result in a violation of the waste separation policy and potential additional handling fees.

Additionally, recycling containers are located at the City Corporation Yard at 711 West Cinnamon Drive.

For more information about these recycling programs, please contact Public Works, M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (559) 924-6744 ext 744.

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