The Lemoore Police Department began its canine unit in 2006 and has continued to maintain the highest standards for a canine unit since its inception. The canine unit serves many purposes and has many capabilities that include searching for lost or missing children, searching for and apprehending wanted violent criminals, sniffing out illegal narcotics, searching for evidence or other articles in large open areas, and serving as a first line of defense when an officer or the K-9 handler is violently attacked.


In February of 2019, Sgt. Henderson retired his K-9 Partner, “Ares” and a new K9 handler, Officer Trevino was selected. Officer Trevino was teamed with his K-9 partner “Rocket” and together they attended an 8-week training course. Once Officer Trevino and Rocket completed their training in March of 2019, they joined Officer Jacques and his K-9 partner “Diesel” on patrol.

In October 2019, K-9 Diesel and Rocket successfully completed their yearly recertification for patrol and narcotic related functions. The K-9 unit conducted several K-9 demonstrations at various events throughout the year to include the MIQ Fall Festival, Relay for life, and Red Ribbon Week.

The canine unit, on a daily basis, serves as a deterrent to criminal activities, officer assaults, as well as fleeing arrest by their mere presence at the scenes of criminal activities, which cannot be defined in numbers for statistical purposes. The Lemoore Police Department Canine Unit has met the challenge and has proven to be an asset to our community, officers, and fellow law enforcement agencies.

Ares retired February 2019
Diesel retired on April 5, 2022
Kimo retired on April 15, 2014.
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